Thule Pacific 700 Ds

Izposoja strešnega kovčka po sistemu vikend najema, tedenskega najema, dvotedenskega najema oz. za daljša obdobja.



    With a lowered base for reducing air resistance, wind noice and vibrations.
    Equipped with the Fast-Grip quick-mount solution. With all fitting done from inside the box.
    For maximum safety and theft protection this roofbox has several locking points, and the grip-friendly key cannot be removed unless they are all securely closed.
    Max number of Skis that can be fit inside - 6.
    Max number of Snowboards that can be fit inside - 4.
    Max Length of Skis - 220cm.

Thule Fast Grip Mount SystemCentral LockingThule Dual Force


    Volume: 460ltrs.
    External Size: Length 232cm x Width 70cm x Height 40cm.
    Internal Size: Length 225cm x Width 62cm x Height 32cm.
    Load Capicity: 50kg
    Weight: 15kg.


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